Colours & Finishes

Colour can add an extra element of individual style and design, creating a personal and unique result. Many of our designs are available in a large selection of RAL colours (188 internationally recognised paint colours) and a choice of Special Finishes.

If you would like a copy of our Colour Chart or Special Finish chart you can request one here.

Please note that due to the painting/manufacturing process and screen tolerances, the colour (including white) of a finished radiator may vary slightly (5-10%) from the colours represented on the website as well as from our Special Finish & RAL charts. It should also be noted that if the same type of Radiators are ordered and produced, they may also differ in finished colour from any previously ordered.

RAL Colours

These are our standard radiator colours - depending on your chosen range, there are up to 188 different colours to choose from. Whether you're after contrasting colours to create a bold statement or sympathetic colours so your radiator blends into your wall, we have the colours available.

Special Finishes

We offer a wide range of classic colours and finishes to choose from including metallics, mottled, textured effects, as well as bare metal lacquer and galvanised finishes. Distinctive and individual, a Special Finish adds a personal, unique touch to your interior.

Cast Iron Finishes 

Standard Primer Finish

The basic option is a primer coat which requires finishing to prevent rust forming. If carried out by hand this can be a long and difficult process as Cast Iron is very heavy and the entire surface must be covered with an appropriate undercoat and topcoat.

RAL & Special Painted Finishes

To help you create the best finish for your Cast Iron radiators we offer a cost-effective service that enables us to deliver our Cast Iron Radiators painted in a wide selection of the most popular colours and special finishes.

Polished, Lacquer & Burnished

Our Cast Iron Radiators are available in a beautiful, burnished or high lustre polished finish.

Created by hand in the UK, this process involves multiple stages.

Antique Brass Finish

The appeal of an antique product is its unique patina developed over time, each radiator will differ and so to reproduce that effect our Antique finishes will have a  varying depth of light and dark across the radiator.

Specialised Finishing

Ancona Bare Metal Lacquer

Industrial chic derived from hand-finishing individually machined sections. Showing all the marks and blemishes created by the production process means every radiator is unique.

Variations in colour, welding, and burnishing marks, vary from one section to another and add to the uniqueness of each radiator.

Every Ancona section is made up of several parts that are welded together. These welds need to be polished and cleaned to leave a smooth surface, it is this process that creates the individual and distinctive markings.

Once sanded and cleaned, a clear gloss lacquer is applied to protect the bare metal and enhance the irregular nature and individuality of each radiator.

Colour Co-ordination 

We understand that many interior designs can be enhanced with carefully applied colour coordination or contrasts to create a standout feature. Today we have a huge choice of brands, exciting colour palettes and tones to choose from for our walls and woodwork, providing the opportunity to create truly stunning rooms.

If you are looking to create a uniquely personal look, using colours from either popular or premium paint brands, we can take your chosen colour and create a highly durable powder coat finish that will allow your radiator to blend in with your wall colour, or stand out if you want to make a statement.

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