Polished, Lacquer & Burnished

Our cast iron ranges are available in a beautiful, burnished or high lustre, polished finish and a clear lacquer finish that shows off the raw beauty of the natural cast iron for a more industrial look. Created by hand in the UK, these processes involve multiple stages; for the clear lacquer finish, the radiators are first given a light sandblast to reveal the raw metal and remove any base primer, a top coat of clear hardwearing lacquer is then applied to prevent rust developing.

For the polished and burnished finishes first, a complete coat of black paint is applied to protect hidden, hard to access areas of the radiator and to provide a highlight for the visible polished areas. The radiator is then polished on the front, sides & tops of the sections, whilst the rear & more difficult to access areas between the sections remain black. Then a top coat of lacquer is applied for long-lasting protection.




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What is BTU? The BTU rate of a radiator is how much heat the radiator will emit, and is there to help you decide if a radiator is the correct size for your room or not. It’s important to know how much heat your room needs in order for your system to work efficiently.