Standard Primer Finish

The basic option is a primer coat which requires finishing to prevent rust forming. If carried out by hand this can be a long and difficult process as cast iron is very heavy and the entire surface must be covered with an appropriate undercoat and topcoats for full protection.

Cast Iron radiators require painting to prevent rust from forming over time, traditionally this would be done using oil-based paints with high resistance to heat (at least 100°C) with appropriate, zinc-based rust inhibitor used as a primer and suitable oil-based undercoats.

If using brushes care must be taken as they can leave streak marks in the finish. Using a wet spray system is an alternative option but can result in a finish with drips and is usually carried out off-site requiring extra handling and time to complete.

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What is BTU? The BTU rate of a radiator is how much heat the radiator will emit, and is there to help you decide if a radiator is the correct size for your room or not. It’s important to know how much heat your room needs in order for your system to work efficiently.