Developed in the mid-1920’s RAL is a European colour matching system with a range of carefully selected colours used for paint and specialist coatings, it is used across many industries and enables a consistent and recognised reference. We offer 188 RAL colours including, as our standard white, RAL 9016 Traffic White, a bright porcelain white

Using colour can enhance your interior, contrast colours to create a bold statement or use matching sympathetic colours so your radiator blends into your wall.

We use a robust, polyester powder coat paint, which is applied either in our factories or by our specialist painters based in the UK, to achieve a long-lasting, durable finish.

When selecting a RAL colour we recommend that you always choose your final colour from one of our RAL or Special Finish Charts for the best representation of the colour and quote both the RAL number and the name provided when ordering.

Here Comes the Sun!

Yellow ranges from soft pastels to muted golds, lending an air of warmth or optimism to any room.  Subtle, lighter shades of yellow can complement the mood of living rooms or kitchens, while earthy yellows provide a great balance for fabrics and furnishings.  For a dash of bright yellow, consider a bold accent in an otherwise neutral room for instant energy.

Green Beige
(RAL 1000)

(RAL 1001)

Sand Yellow
(RAL 1002)

Single Yellow
(RAL 1003)

Golden Yellow
(RAL 1004)

Honey Yellow
(RAL 1005)

Maize Yellow
(RAL 1006)

Daffodil Yellow
(RAL 1007)

Brown Beige
(RAL 1011)

Lemon Yellow
(RAL 1012)

Oyster White
(RAL 1013)

(RAL 1014)

Light Ivory
(RAL 1015)

Sulfur Yellow
(RAL 1016)

Saffron Yellow
(RAL 1017)

Zinc Yellow
(RAL 1018)

Grey Beige
(RAL 1019)

Olive Yellow
(RAL 1020)

Rape Yellow
(RAL 1021)

Traffic Yellow
(RAL 1023)

Ochre Yellow
(RAL 1024)

(RAL 1027)

Melon Yellow
(RAL 1028)

Broom Yellow
(RAL 1032)

Dahlia Yellow
(RAL 1033)

Pastel Yellow
(RAL 1034)

Sun Yellow
(RAL 1037)

1970s Retro-Chic

Invigorate any room with orange. Depending on the tone, orange can deliver vibrancy or warmth.  Consider more earthy or spice-toned oranges for a sophisticated, classic look.  For a high impact, pair orange with a deep navy blue for a complementary colour scheme, or use just a touch of orange as an accent.

Yellow Orange
(RAL 2000)

Red Orange
(RAL 2001)

(RAL 2002)

Pastel Orange
(RAL 2003)

Pure Orange
(RAL 2004)

Bright Red Orange
(RAL 2008)

Traffic Orange
(RAL 2009)

Signal Orange
(RAL 2010)

Deep Orange
(RAL 2011)

Salmon Orange
(RAL 2012)

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For a Traditional or Contemporary Look 

Red can be confident and charismatic, or rich and sensuous.  A statement colour, red is a vivid choice to liven up a hallway or add playfulness to a kids’ room.  Red can also be understated, providing a muted quality that brings depth to an elegant living room or dining room.  Red pairs well with a range of neutrals, providing striking options for a bold contrast. 

Flame Red
(RAL 3000)

Signal Red
(RAL 3001)

Carmine Red
(RAL 3002)

Ruby Red
(RAL 3003)

Purple Red
(RAL 3004)

Wine Red
(RAL 3005)

Black Red
(RAL 3007)

Oxide Red
(RAL 3009)

Brown Red
(RAL 3011)

Beige Red
(RAL 3012)

Tomato Red
(RAL 3013)

Antique Pink
(RAL 3014)

Light Pink
(RAL 3015)

Coral Red
(RAL 3016)

(RAL 3017)

Strawberry Red
(RAL 3018)

Traffic Red
(RAL 3020)

Salmon Pink
(RAL 3022)

Raspberry Red
(RAL 3027)

Orient Red
(RAL 3031)

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Purple Shades

The intermediate colour between blue and red, purple, has a wide variety of shades from soft violet to deep aubergine, purple offers a range of looks that will complement any home. With a range of tones from light, lilac hues to deep rich purples they are as varied as they are fascinating.

Red Lilac
(RAL 4001)

Red Violet
(RAL 4002)

Heather Violet
(RAL 4003)

Claret Violet
(RAL 4004)

Blue Lilac
(RAL 4005)

Traffic Purple
(RAL 4006)

Purple Violet
(RAL 4007)

Signal Violet
(RAL 4008)

Pastel Violet
(RAL 4009)

(RAL 4010)

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Cool, Calm and Collected

Blue is a highly versatile, colour, that catches the eye and pleases the brain. Blue conjures up feelings of calmness and serenity, evoking the tones of the ocean, lakes and rivers. While calming, Blue used in just the right way can also achieve a cool, icy look.

Violet Blue
(RAL 5000)

Green Blue
(RAL 5001)

Ultramarine Blue
(RAL 5002)

Sapphire Blue
(RAL 5003)

Black Blue
(RAL 5004)

Signal Blue
(RAL 5005)

Brilliant Blue
(RAL 5007)

Grey Blue
(RAL 5008)

Azure Blue
(RAL 5009)

Gentaine Blue
(RAL 5010)

Steel Blue
(RAL 5011)

Light Blue
(RAL 5012)

Cobalt Blue
(RAL 5013)

Pigeon Blue
(RAL 5014)

Sky Blue
(RAL 5015)

Traffic Blue
(RAL 5017)

Turquoise Blue
(RAL 5018)

Capri Blue
(RAL 5019)

Ocean Blue
(RAL 5020)

Water Blue
(RAL 5021)

Night Blue
(RAL 5022)

Distant Blue
(RAL 5023)

Pastel Blue
(RAL 5024)

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Nature’s Beauty

Inspired by the rolling countryside, lush foliage and grassy fields, the colour green embodies rich lush greenery and vast landscapes. With the breadth of shades available you can go dark or light, bright and fresh. Green offers a wide range of options and can be used as a lively accent or a sophisticated backdrop. Many green colours work well with wood tones and neutrals - making green an extremely popular choice.

Patina Green
(RAL 6000)

Emerald Green
(RAL 6001)

Leaf Green
(RAL 6002)

Olive Green
(RAL 6003)

Blue Green
(RAL 6004)

Moss Green
(RAL 6005)

Grey Olive
(RAL 6006)

Bottle Green
(RAL 6007)

Brown Green
(RAL 6008)

Fir Green
(RAL 6009)

Grass Green
(RAL 6010)

Reseda Green
(RAL 6011)

Black Green
(RAL 6012)

Reed Green
(RAL 6013)

Yellow Olive
(RAL 6014)

Black Olive
(RAL 6015)

Turquoise Green
(RAL 6016)

May Green
(RAL 6017)

Yellow Green
(RAL 6018)

Pastel Green
(RAL 6019)

Chrome Green
(RAL 6020)

Pale Green
(RAL 6021)

Olive Drab
(RAL 6022)

Traffic Green
(RAL 6024)

Fern Green
(RAL 6025)

Opal Green
(RAL 6026)

Light Green
(RAL 6027)

Pine Green
(RAL 6028)

Mint Green
(RAL 6029)

Signal Green
(RAL 6032)

Mint Turquoise
(RAL 6033)

Pastel Turquoise
(RAL 6034)

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Versatile and Sophisticated, the Most Popular Neutral

From cool greys with blue undertones to warm colours that veer toward beige, grey puts a twist on neutral.  Classic pale grey and silvery hues give any room an airy sophistication, whilst deeper charcoal, slate or ash greys add depth.  When paired with creams, ivories and whites, grey paint evokes a calm, subdued tone

Squirrel Grey
(RAL 7000)

Silver Grey
(RAL 7001)

Olive Grey
(RAL 7002)

Moss Grey
(RAL 7003)

Signal Grey
(RAL 7004)

Mouse Grey
(RAL 7005)

Beige Grey
(RAL 7006)

Khaki Grey
(RAL 7008)

Green Grey
(RAL 7009)

Tarpaulin Grey
(RAL 7010)

Iron Grey
(RAL 7011)

Basalt Grey
(RAL 7012)

Brown Grey
(RAL 7013)

Slate Grey
(RAL 7015)

Anthracite Grey
(RAL 7016)

Black Grey
(RAL 7021)

Umbra Grey
(RAL 7022)

Concrete Grey
(RAL 7023)

Graphite Grey
(RAL 7024)

Granite Grey
(RAL 7026)

Stone Grey
(RAL 7030)

Blue Grey
(RAL 7031)

Pebble Grey
(RAL 7032)

Cement Grey
(RAL 7033)

Yellow Grey
(RAL 7034)

Light Grey
(RAL 7035)

Platinum Grey
(RAL 7036)

Dusty Grey
(RAL 7037)

Agate Grey
(RAL 7038)

Quartz Grey
(RAL 7039)

Window Grey
(RAL 7040)

Traffic Grey
(RAL 7042)

Traffic Grey B
(RAL 7043)

Silk Grey
(RAL 7044)

Telegrey 1
(RAL 7045)

Telegrey 2
(RAL 7046)

Telegrey 4
(RAL 7047)

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Natural, Grounded, Simplicity 

Chocolate, sand, mocha…brown offers a wide range of diverse hues. Whether used in lighter shades for a warm and cosy family room, or for dramatic depth in a dining room or hallway. the versatility of brown is endless. Tans and taupe create a perfect neutral palette while enhancing a welcoming feel in any room in the home.

Green Brown
(RAL 8000)

Ochre Brown
(RAL 8001)

Signal Brown
(RAL 8002)

Clay Brown
(RAL 8003)

Copper Brown
(RAL 8004)

Fawn Brown
(RAL 8007)

Olive Brown
(RAL 8008)

Nut Brown
(RAL 8011)

Red Brown
(RAL 8012)

Sepia Brown
(RAL 8014)

Chestnut Brown
(RAL 8015)

Mahogany Brown
(RAL 8016)

Chocolate Brown
(RAL 8017)

Grey Brown
(RAL 8019)

Black Brown
(RAL 8022)

Orange Brown
(RAL 8023)

Beige Brown
(RAL 8024)

Pale Brown
(RAL 8025)

Terra Brown
(RAL 8028)

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Classic, Chic, and Timeless

Transcendent and timeless, white’s versatility is unrivalled. White is both simple and complex, with undertones that are either soft and muted or crisp and bright. The subtle nuances of white will enhance other colours and materials used in a room and can tie space together seamlessly.

Cosy or chic, soft or bold, black is surprisingly multi-faceted with the ability to complement any style of home from traditional to modern. Using black, whether just a touch or a whole room, can have a tremendous impact. 

(RAL 9001)

Grey White
(RAL 9002)

Signal White
(RAL 9003)

Signal Black
(RAL 9004)

Jet Black
(RAL 9005)

Pure White
(RAL 9010)

Graphite Black
(RAL 9011)

Traffic White
(RAL 9016)

Traffic Black
(RAL 9017)

Papyrus White
(RAL 9018)

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Our Most Popular Colours!

To help you narrow down the right colour, we have shortlisted the most frequently ordered colours, these have been consistently the most popular choices over the last few years. Everything from bold red and intense greys to light neutrals, there is a colour for any situation.

(RAL 1001)

Oyster White
(RAL 1013)

Light Ivory
(RAL 1015)

Grey Beige
(RAL 1019)

Flame Red
(RAL 3000)

Ruby Red
(RAL 3003)

Purple Red
(RAL 3004)

Heather Violet
(RAL 4003)

Pastel Blue
(RAL 5014)

Grey Olive
(RAL 6006)

Reed Green
(RAL 6013)

Anthracite Grey
(RAL 7016)

Pebble Grey
(RAL 7032)

Light Grey
(RAL 7035)

Window Grey
(RAL 7040)

Traffic Grey A
(RAL 7042)

Silk Grey
(RAL 7044)

Nut Brown
(RAL 8011)

Pale Brown
(RAL 8025)

(RAL 9001)

Signal Black
(RAL 9004)

Jet Black
(RAL 9005)

White Aluminium
(RAL 9006)

Grey Aluminium
(RAL 9007)

Pure White
(RAL 9010)

Traffic White
(RAL 9016)