Square Bluetooth Element

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  • Product Range
  • Full operational control of the element on smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth (with “Terma BLUE-Line” App: IOS/ANDROID).

    Provides a choice of internal temp (30°c to 60°c) or ambient room temp (15°c to 30°c) regulation.

    7 day timer. 1-4hr drying function.

    Lot20 EcoDesign Directive compliant*

    Frost & overheating protection.

    IPx5. Class 1.

  • Price Range inc VAT
  • £225.60 to £244.80
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  • Black
  • Chrome
  • Silver
  • White


3-5 working days


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Square Bluetooth Element

All stock valves & accessories have prices listed in purple and will be delivered in 3-5 working days.

Model Colour Price Inc VAT Add To Wishlist
AASBELE120W White £225.60 add
AASBELE120B Black £235.20 add
AASBELE120S Silver £235.20 add
AASBELE120C Chrome £244.80 add
AASBELE200W White £225.60 add
AASBELE200B Black £235.20 add
AASBELE200S Silver £235.20 add
AASBELE200C Chrome £244.80 add
AASBELE300W White £225.60 add
AASBELE300B Black £235.20 add
AASBELE300S Silver £235.20 add
AASBELE300C Chrome £244.80 add
AASBELE400W White £225.60 add
AASBELE400B Black £235.20 add
AASBELE400S Silver £235.20 add
AASBELE400C Chrome £244.80 add
AASBELE600W White £225.60 add
AASBELE600B Black £235.20 add
AASBELE600S Silver £235.20 add
AASBELE600C Chrome £244.80 add
AASBELE800W White £225.60 add
AASBELE800B Black £235.20 add
AASBELE800S Silver £235.20 add
AASBELE800C Chrome £244.80 add
AASBELE1000W White £225.60 add
AASBELE1000B Black £235.20 add
AASBELE1000S Silver £235.20 add
AASBELE1000C Chrome £244.80 add

Square Bluetooth Element

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