NOW Smart Heating System

Be smart, save more, be green: choose intelligent heating!

Experience Comfort in Your Home With Smart Heating

IRSAP NOW is the green solution that encompasses all of IRSAP's experience in central heating radiators. A fully customisable system that allows you to transform your traditional installation into a smart heating system with zones remotely controlled via an app and compatible with voice assistants such as Google Home or Alexa.


Optimise your heating consumption and save on your bills.


Independently optimise and customise the heating in every room in your home.

Remote Management

Thanks to the app, you can easily control your entire installation wherever and whenever you want.

Air Quality

Guaranteed comfort with humidity and air quality monitoring included in our Smart Thermostat.

Smart Scheduling

System learns and adapts to reflect your daily use, programming the ideal schedule for you.

Smart Thermostat

Replace your traditional thermostat with our Smart Thermostat with advanced functions for precision control of air quality and room temperature in your home.

Smart Valve

Temperature control for every room, simply swap out your existing, basic TRV heads. Our smart thermostatic valves are compatible with all main manufacturers' valve bodies and work with all makes of radiator.

Connection Unit & Repeater

The Connection Unit is connected to the home router and is indispensable for controlling all the other devices in the system wherever and whenever you want directly from your smartphone via App.


Get the most out of your heating system with our modulating boiler and heat pump starter, which will allow you to optimise the use and activation of your boiler or any other heat generator.

Smart Thermostat Kit

The IRSAP NOW kit with intelligent thermostat is ideal for starting to experience the comfort of a home with intelligent heating. Replace your old thermostat with our Smart Thermostat and easily set the temperature in your home, measuring the temperature, humidity level and air quality inside your home with extreme precision.

Smart Valve Kit

Get maximum comfort and set the ideal temperature in each area of ​​your home with the Smart Valve Kit. Check the temperature where and when you want via smartphone. Our smart thermostatic valves are compatible with all radiator brands and major plumbing valve manufacturers.

A Solution for All Your Needs

Mobile App

Manage your system from your smartphone, wherever and whenever you want. The notification system warns you when there is a fault 

Multi Zone

Create confort scenarios and customise heat levels to suit your needs in erbery room of your house


Stay up to date on the consumption of your heating system. monitor the set temperature, humidity level, air quality, number of open windows detections and teh heat demand or each room

Air Quality

Air too dry or "stale"? IRSAP NOW Smart Thermostat tells you if teh climatic conditions in your rooms are not optimal, so that you can look after your well-being

Open window sensor

Smart Valves can detect if a window is open and deactivate the radiator they are installed on for a pre-set period, so you can reduce energy consumption.

Home/Away mode

The geolocation system allows the system to recognize when you are away from home. You will finally be able to take care of your unexpected without worries.

Coloured Smart Valves

Smart Valves are available in different colours to match perfectly to your radiator and the style of your home.

Limiting consumption is even easier with connected heating.

Home/Away Mode

Adapts heating schedule based on your lifestyle. Going out unexpectedly? You don't need to worry: your system will move into Away Mode, reducing the use of heating until you come home.

Holiday Mode

Away from home for a long period? Choose Holiday Mode and the entire system will be set to anti-freeze temperature: less consumption and zero surprises when you return.

Comfort Mode

Do you want to find a welcoming environment when you get home after a long day at work? By choosing Comfort Mode, the heating will turn on in advance to reach the ideal temperature for when you finally arrive home.

Green Mode

Heating with an eye on the environment. By choosing Green Mode, your system always follows your habits, but turns off the system in advance, thus reducing consumption and emissions.

Control the heating with the app: it's all in the palm of your hand.


The guided procedure in the App allows you to set the whole system, quickly and easily. Create your rooms, pair the elements with IRSAP NOW, and decide the ideal temperature for each room.


The Now System allows you to create the ideal schedule for you. Set room temperatures simply, in line with your weekly, daily, and hourly needs.


The guided procedure allows you to set the whole system, quickly and easily. Create your rooms, pair the elements with IRSAP NOW, and decide the ideal temperature for each room.


Change of plan? Don’t worry, you can always interrupt your schedule - even for just a moment - and set a new temperature for your rooms.


With the IRSAP NOW app, you can block any manual change to the Smart Valves using the child lock facilities.


Everything under control, always.

Thanks to the intuitive graphs of IRSAP NOW statistics, you can always keep an eye on the usage information of your system to better manage your consumption.


Statistics for each environment:


- Heating switch on time

- Air quality

- Percentage of humidity

- Set temperature and measured temperature

- Number of window opening detections

- Room heat demands

The Green Leaf saving indicator of the IRSAP NOW system guides you in optimizing the heating system, ensuring the right comfort in each room.

Control the system with your voice.

You can connect your IRSAP NOW system to the main voice digital assistants such as Google Home or Alexa.
Controlling the temperature in your home is now even easier and more immediate.

Download the app to take control of your IRSAP NOW smart heating.