NOW Boiler Module


The Boiler Module is the device which, connected to your heat generator (boiler or heat pump), optimally manages its switching on and off.

*To be able to use the Boiler Module it is necessary to have at least one Connection Unit and to download the free app.

NOW Boiler Module
Total £226.80
NOW Boiler Module

Including in the package

  • 1x Starter (for boiler or heat pump)
  • 1x Wall Plaque
  • 2x Wall Mount Screws
  • 2x Wall Plugs

Discover a new way of living your comfort.

The IRSAP NOW Starter is the ideal solution because it follows your lifestyle habits. Plus, it helps you save energy.

High compatibility

The Starter is compatible with the majority of boilers and heat pumps on the market.

Wireless communication

Check the Starter where and when you want with the IRSAP NOW App.

Heat generator

Program the switching on of the heat generator (boiler or heat pump).

Always under control

Control your heat generator where and when from your smartphone via the App and have it turn on automatically when you get close to home by activating geofencing.

Boiler management

With the Starter you can manage the switching on and off of your heat generator (boiler or heat pump) to optimize its use, making it start up only when you actually need it.

Total control over your boiler.

IRSAP Starter interfaces with modern heat generators (boilers or heat pumps) to optimize their operation.

Wireless communication.

With the IRSAP NOW App you can control your heat generator (boiler or heat pump) wherever and whenever you want. Thanks to wireless communication, you can remotely manage the switching on and off of the heat generator (boiler or heat pump). Furthermore, thanks to wireless communication, you can also manage the Smart Thermostat and the Smart Valves installed on your radiators.

NOW, heat gets smart.

Emergency ignition

If you need to activate your heat generator (boiler or heat pump) manually for annual maintenance or for lack of network (if you have not set automatic time slots), you can do it using the IRSAP NOW Starter.

Clear boiler status

Through the LED indicator you can check the operating status of your boiler.

Variety of applications

Thanks to the IRSAP NOW Starter you can manage any type of heat generator (boiler or heat pump) thanks to the different interfaces (Relay, 0-10V).

In combination with Smart Thermostat

If you prefer not to wire your  smart thermostat and place it in a specific room to keep its temperature and air quality under control, you can always connect the IRSAP NOW Starter to your heat generator (boiler or heat pump).

Automatic updates

The Starter is always connected and automatically updates to each new software release.

Notifications in App

In case of anomalies, the system alerts you with a notification on your smartphone, so you always have everything under control.

“Hey Google, set the living room temperature to 22 degrees”

The IRSAP NOW connected thermostat is compatible with the main voice assistants such as Google Home and Alexa: find out how simple it is to change the setting of your system using your voice

Technical specifications


182 x 100 x 45mm



Check compatibility with your system

Autonomous heating

The Starter is compatible with the main types of generators (boilers or heat pumps).

Centralized warming

The Starter can be used in the presence of zone valves.

Description Image

Get the most out of your heating system with the NOW modulating boiler and heat pump starter, which will allow you to optimise the use and activation of your boiler or other heat generator.
If your heat generator is designed for power modulation (the functionality to ‘turn down’ its output. For example if you have a 20kw boiler, but only need 10kw of heat, instead of repeatedly outputting 20kw for 5 minutes then resting for 5 minutes, which is how non-modulating boilers work, the boiler will simply turn down its flame by 50%) the NOW Starter can optimize its efficiency, reducing boiler ignitions, reducing consumption. Starters are delivered in 48-72 hours.




More Information
Delivery48 - 72 hours

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