Relax Hybrid

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5 stylish colours available

Matt White, Grey Skies, Grey Sparkle, Carbon and Sand


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Heats & Cools

Fan-assisted radiator with a
cooling option 

Heats & Cools with Fan-Assisted Technology

The first ventilated radiator is born.
Design and technology - the best of IRSAP innovation

Relax Hybrid combines aesthetics and advanced technology in a small space. With a thickness of only 107 mm, it is the thinnest ventilated radiator ever.

The solution to the space and design needs of contemporary homes that require essential geometries and concrete, unobtrusive elements to make environments suitable for daily living and for the pleasure of beauty.

Relax Hybrid is minimalism, at its best.

Relax Hybrid Horizontal 650 x 1120 in Grey Sparkle 

Relax Hybrid Vertical 1800 x 630 in Grey Sparkle 

Technical Features:

  • Ventilated radiator with painted steel structure, complete with insulation.
  • Available in widths of 920mm, 1120mm and 1320mm.
  • Configurable with right or left hydraulic connection.
  • Touch display on the radiator, insulation class I.
  • Removable filter
  • Available in six colors
  • LED lighting system (optional).


Convective and radiant heating
Cooling and conditioning
Electronic management of the advanced fan
Led illumination

Relax Hybrid Horizontal 650 x 1320 in Matt White 

Relax Hybrid Colours

Relax Hybrid Horizontal 650 x 1120 in Sand

Comfort is also the priority when it comes to furnishing the home. The atmosphere must be welcoming and enveloping to favour both relaxing moments and those of sharing and conviviality.

Relax Hybrid is available in 5 colours: Matt White, Grey Skies, Grey Sparkle, Carbon and Sand. All frames come in a Grey Sparkle finish only. 

Neutral and natural colours are the protagonists of this palette which makes matt and material its strong point. Sensory design is increasingly sought after and exploits all the power of nature.

Each terminal is combined with a Grey Sparkle frame which is perfect for creating a tone-on-tone but also harmony or contrast with the colour of the radiant plate.

Hybrid relaxation. Iconic design. Pure elegance.


Grey Skies

Grey Sparkle

Matt White




Elegant by day. Brilliant at night.

Relax Hybrid can be equipped with an LED lighting system which enhances its elegant profile and creates a suggestive mood in the environment. These are accent lights, increasingly used in lighting design projects, which make a particular area of ​​the room more captivating, make it welcoming and create a greater feeling of well-being. In the evening, the emotional appeal given by a light used consciously creates a more meditated, introspective atmosphere through which you can relax.

The details make the difference, but not only the stylistic ones, such as the integrated frame, the air outlet grille that hides the opening mechanism for cleaning, maintenance and the touch control.
RELAX HYBRID is above all, technology, that hidden innovation that makes things simple and functional.
Set the desired temperature and the degree of response you want. RELAX HYBRID will take care of everything and will reach the required temperature in the shortest possible time with maximum efficiency.

It is possible to set the desired temperature set-point, the season (summer or winter) and the type of operation among the three available:

  • Auto Mode: which corresponds to regular operation
  • Night Mode: for discrete operation
  • Boost Mode: in which an airflow 15% higher than Auto Mode is made available.

The modulation of the power supplied is always present for all 3 functions as the heat requirement of the environment varies.

SMART TOUCH electronic panel
with continuous modulation

Icons and display warnings
The status and any alarms are also shown on the display using the 8 specific symbols:

 Active heating
 Active cooling
 Alarm indication
 Boost operation
 Night operation
 Automatic operation
 Panel off indication

Key function
The various functions are set using 8 backlit keys:

Temp + increases the temperature
Temp - allows you to decrease the temperature
Heating / Cooling: allows you to switch the operating mode
Operation up to maximum speed: allows you to set the maximum fan speed
Night-time operation: the fan speed is limited to a very limited value.
ON/Stand-By: allows you to activate the appliance or put it on standby.
Makes the adjustment of the fan speed between a minimum and a maximum value completely automatic


Relax Hybrid gives its best
with any generator.

RELAX HYBRID inserted in a traditional system with a heat generator guarantees maximum efficiency in heating thanks to its hybrid functionality.

In fact, the heat spreads in the environment through the radiation of the heating body and the silent force of the air of the ventilating component. With this mode and the advanced control electronics, the desired temperatures are quickly reached while maintaining the ideal climate over time.


For its operation, it is necessary to set up a power supply point in the radiator area

Instead, installed in a system powered by a heat pump and also set up for air conditioning, RELAX HYBRID gives its best by integrating the cooling and dehumidification functions.

The innovative control electronics constantly check the delivery and return temperatures of the system, always guaranteeing maximum efficiency.
In the conditioning function, the system automatically inhibits the radiant section to avoid surface condensation phenomena.

Like normal fan coils, the system must have both a supply point and a predisposition for the condensate discharge in the system in correspondence with the radiators

Description Image

Innovative heating and cooling combination, with a fan coil assisted radiator and cooling functions. Heats in winter and with appropriate system specification acts as a cooling unit in summer.

  • Available in 2 heights; 650mm and 1800mm
  • 4 widths; 630mm, 920mm, 1120mm, and 1320mm
  • Slimline contemporary design
  • 3 operating modes (see below)
  • Configurable with right or left connections.
  • Choice of 5 colours (see below)
  • LED lighting system (optional).




More Information
CertificationUKCA, CE & EN442
Dual FuelNo
Fuel TypeHydronic
Guarantee10 Years
Delivery13 weeks


Product Dimensions
Height(s) (mm) 650mm - 1,800mm
Width(s) (mm) 920mm - 630mm
Technical Data

What is BTU?

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