Available Colours

26 RAL colours, 4 Special Finishes, Polished & Burnished & 1 Galvanised Finish

Colour can add an extra element of individual style and design, creating a personal and unique result. Many of our designs are available in a large selection of RAL colours (188 internationally recognised paint colours) and a choice of Special Finishes.

Please note that due to the painting/manufacturing process and screen tolerances, the colour (including white) of a finished radiator may vary slightly (5-10%) from the colours represented on the website as well as from our Special Finish & RAL charts. It should also be noted that if the same type of Radiators are ordered and produced, they may also differ in finished colour from any previously ordered.

26 RAL Colours

These are our standard radiator colours - we have 25 different colours to choose from, whether you're after contrasting colours to create a bold statement or sympathetic colours so your radiator blends into your wall.

(RAL 1001)

Oyster White
(RAL 1013)

Light Ivory
(RAL 1015)

Grey Beige
(RAL 1019)

Flame Red
(RAL 3000)

Ruby Red
(RAL 3003)

Purple Red
(RAL 3004)

Heather Violet
(RAL 4003)

Pastel Blue
(RAL 5024)

Grey Olive
(RAL 6006)

Reed Green
(RAL 6013)

Anthracite Grey
(RAL 7016)

Pebble Grey
(RAL 7032)

Light Grey
(RAL 7035)

Window Grey
(RAL 7040)

Traffic Grey
(RAL 7042)

Silk Grey
(RAL 7044)

Nut Brown
(RAL 8011)

Pale Brown
(RAL 8025)

(RAL 9001)

Signal Black
(RAL 9004)

Jet Black
(RAL 9005)

White Aluminium
(RAL 9006)

Grey Aluminium
(RAL 9007)

Pure White
(RAL 9010)

Traffic White
(RAL 9016)

4 Special Finishes

We offer a wide range of classic colours and finishes to choose from including metallics mottled, textured effects, as well as bare metal lacquer and galvanised finishes. Distinctive and individual, a Special Finish adds a personal touch to your interior.

Soft Gold

Slate Grey

Flat Black

Antique Brass

Please Note:

Antique finishes will have varying depths of light and dark across the radiator.

Lacquer & Polished

Our cast iron ranges are available in a beautiful, burnished or high lustre, polished finish and a clear lacquer finish that shows off the raw beauty of the natural cast iron for a more industrial look. Created by hand in the UK, these processes involve multiple stages; for the clear lacquer finish, the radiators are first given a light sandblast to reveal the raw metal and remove any base primer, a top coat of clear hardwearing lacquer is then applied to prevent rust developing.



Galvanised Finish

For an impactful aged effect, our Linton model can be finished in a galvanised Antique Copper top coat. In a process similar to Chroming, a layer of copper is applied and then hand-finished to highlight the individuality of each section, creating a unique and stunning radiator.

Galvanised Copper

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