Available Colours

3 Galvanised Finishes

Our selection of galvanized finishes produces the most luxurious and eye-catching results. Selected sizes of our Ancona range can be coated in one of three metallic finishes using a hot dip process similar to chroming. This 5-stage process ending with hand polishing sees every section individually coated prior to joining, creating a truly unique result, giving each radiator its own distinct character.

Please note that due to the painting/manufacturing process and screen tolerances, the colour (including white) of a finished radiator may vary slightly (5-10%) from the colours represented on the website as well as from our Special Finish & RAL charts. It should also be noted that if the same type of Radiators are ordered and produced, they may also differ in finished colour from any previously ordered.

3 Galvanised Finishes

Antique Brass

Antique Copper

Satin Nickel

What is BTU? The BTU rate of a radiator is how much heat the radiator will emit, and is there to help you decide if a radiator is the correct size for your room or not. It’s important to know how much heat your room needs in order for your system to work efficiently.