If you would like a copy of our RAL or Special Finish chart, please contact us on 01342 302250.

Please note that due to screen resolution and manufacturing tolerances the colour (including white) of a finished radiator may vary slightly from the colours represented on the website and from one colour group to another as well as from our Special Finish & RAL charts. It should also be noted that if the same type of radiators are ordered and produced they may also differ in finished colour from any previously ordered.

we recommend that you always choose your final colour from one of our RAL or Special Finish Charts for the best representation of the colourĀ 

15 RAL Colours

6 Products available in Colour Group 7

15 RAL Colours

Oyster White

(RAL 1013)

Light Ivory

(RAL 1015)

Rape Yellow

(RAL 1021)

Flame Red

(RAL 3000)

Carmine Red

(RAL 3002)

Ruby Red

(RAL 3003)

Purple Red

(RAL 3004)

Pigeon Blue

(RAL 5014)

Water Blue

(RAL 5021)

Turquoise Green

(RAL 6016)

Anthracite Grey

(RAL 7016)

Light Grey

(RAL 7035)


(RAL 9001)

Jet Black

(RAL 9005)

Pure White

(RAL 9010)