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Ceramica Electric
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Ceramica Electric
White RAL 9016 Only

3 distinct styles to choose from in White RAL 9016.


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Spread the Cost

A convenient and cost-effective way to manage your budget.

Timer Control

Fully programmable digital display that operates thermostat.

Stand out From the Crowd 

With three unique surfaces to choose from, the Ceramica Radiator lets you make a contemporary statement unique to you. For a soft and simple finish which can blend into any setting, take a closer look at the Senso. If you want to make the most of space and light try the Varenna. If an eye-catching statement is what you're after, the stone finish of the Pavia provides a rugged contrast to the fixtures of a modern home.

All three surfaces come with a white finish and can be fitted as a hydronic or electric radiator. The electric version will come equipped with a fully programmable digital display that offers a range of different modes, helping you take full control of your home heating.

Digital display on a Ceramica radiatorDigital display on a Ceramica radiator

Product Specification: 

  • Italian design and manufacture
  • Recycled marble radiant panels
  • 3 vertical models; 1100mm, 1500mm & 1800mm high
  • 2 horizontal models; 550mm high
  • Output range: 250 to 1400 (Watts)
  • Fully programmable digital display that operates thermostat offering:
  • Frost protection
  • Comfort mode
  • Eco mode
  • Auto mode
  • Boost mode
  • IP Rating - IP24. IEC Class Protection - Class II.

Product Information:

Eco Design
Electric Radiator
White finish only
3 different designs to choose from
Delivered in up to 6 weeks
10 year guarantee on the radiator
2 year guarantee on the element

The Ceramica offers three unique surfaces to choose from so you can make a modern statement unique to you. The Senso provides a soft and simple finish that looks beautiful in any setting. To make the most of the space and light in your home, try the Varenna. Designed to draw the eyes upwards, this radiator is great for rooms with high ceilings.

Manufactured using waste material from the production of marble worktops and shower trays, the range is specifically designed to complement systems with renewable energy sources and unlike traditional radiators, produce radiant heat for an even and direct transfer of heat. Utilising less energy and lower CO2 emissions.

Made to order in up to 6 weeks, you can make the radiator unique to you.




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Sustainable Heating

The Ceramica range has zero emissions throughout its use. Manufactured at low temperatures: marble powder undergoes a process known as cold agglomeration, which creates a material that can be poured by hand into moulds, the product is left to mature for 4-5 days so that the moisture can be removed leaving a solid and hard material.

An Ally Against Allergies

Traditional radiators transfer heat to the environment through air circulation from the lower areas to the upper areas of the room, this is known as convection. However, this can cause the movement of dust around the room, which can carry mould, bacteria or mites. Ceramica is your ally against allergies because Ceramica panels emit radiant heat rather than using convection. The temperature is even across the entire surface of the panel and is transferred more directly to the room: the physical thermal radiation allows the heat to be transferred in a gentler way in any direction, reducing the level of dust etc disturbed in the room.




More Information
Fuel TypeElectric
Guarantee10 years on the radiator, 2 years on the element
MaterialRecycled Marble
Delivery6 weeks


Product Dimensions
Height(s) (mm) 550mm - 1,800mm
Width(s) (mm) 860mm - 550mm
Technical Data

What is BTU?

The BTU rate of a radiator is how much heat the radiator will emit, and it is there to help you decide if a radiator is the correct size for your room or not. It’s important to know how much heat your room needs in order for your system to work efficiently.

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