Why You Should Choose an Aluminium Radiator

Why You Should Choose an Aluminium Radiator
16 November 2023 51 view(s) 3 min read
Why You Should Choose an Aluminium Radiator

Perfect with Renewable energy sources 
These are radiators that work effectively with low-temperature heating systems:

Within both domestic and commercial environments increased interest and legislation in the use of renewable energy sources has led to a greater use of lower water temperatures in heating systems. Using conventional steel radiators to deliver adequate output for each room can prove difficult, with larger radiators needed to achieve output. 

One solution is to use aluminium radiators, with their inherent benefits which include excellent thermal properties, low water content and lightweight, make these a great option for any system but especially in relation to the lower delta Ts delivered with renewable energy.

Energy Saving

Aluminium has excellent thermal efficiencies, heating up and cooling quickly, which allows immediate control of the temperature in each room, perfect when using thermostatic valves.

Low Water Content

Their thermal efficiency means aluminium radiators can operate with comparatively lower water content making them perfect for systems that produce a lower water temperature, e.g., heat pumps, or condensing boilers using methane, gasoil or wood pellets.

Easy Installation

Their lightweight nature makes them easy to handle and suitable for a one-man installation. 

Colours & Special Finishes

Aluminium radiators have traditionally been available in white, however many are available from stock in White, as well as a wide range of colours and finishes. Aluminium radiators are already developing beyond the traditional sectional format with new designer models.

Aluminium is incredibly versatile with hundreds of possible size options available, inherent thermal properties mean lower water content, efficient transfer of heat and efficient temperature control, a great choice for today’s heating requirements.

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