Electric Radiators & A Greener Future

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Electric Radiators & A Greener Future

The cost of heating our homes continues to be very expensive and has become more expensive as time passes by. We have all felt the pinch whether we are using a gas-powered central heating system or an electrical heating system. However, as renewable energy becomes more prominent over time in supplying our needs, it is electrical heating systems that stand to benefit the most. 


A Greener Future on the Horizon 
The evolution of our sources of electricity is in full swing, evolving from their conventional origins towards an increasingly eco-friendly future. This shift is propelled by the infusion of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, into the electricity grid. The ascent of renewable energy is displacing outdated gas and coal power stations. Consequently, electric heating is not only emerging as a provider of warmth but also as a more environmentally friendly resource, contributing to reducing our carbon footprints.


Recent housing condition surveys estimate that around 7% of households across England, 5% of households in Wales and 11% of households in Scotland heat their homes using electricity. In Northern Ireland, it’s estimated that around 8% of households use electric heating.  
- Energy Saving Trust 


As we look ahead into the future of our energy landscape, we foresee a steady decline in the amount of carbon emissions we produce. The path ahead is evident – electricity is poised to become the predominant source of low-carbon energy and heat. This shift promises a more sustainable future, where our heating needs are met with minimal environmental impact. 

Source: https://energysavingtrust.org.uk/advice/electric-heating/



So are Electric Radiators Worth It? 

Heating systems have evolved over recent years, with an ongoing shift from gas to electric heating systems. Modern and sustainable, electric radiators offer hassle-free, efficient heating, but what are the primary advantages of electric radiators? 

There are many unique features that electric radiators offer against traditional central heating systems to revolutionize the way we experience warmth in our homes. 



Key Benefits:


  • 100% Efficiency - Boasting 100% efficiency at the point of use, it is a feat that sets them apart from their gas central heating counterparts. Unlike systems that lose energy through heat dissipation along pipes, electric radiators deliver every iota of warmth directly into the room, ensuring no energy goes to waste in transit.
  • Zoned Heating - You have the power to selectively heat only the rooms you occupy, eliminating the need to circulate hot water throughout the entire house for the sake of a single room.
  • Accurate Control - Electric Radiators are equipped with thermostats accurate to within 0.1 of a degree. The precision of these thermostats minimizes temperature fluctuations, ensuring your radiator operates at peak efficiency. A stable temperature means your heating system works smarter, not harder.
  • Heat Management - Remote control capabilities allow you to navigate programming with a handy remote, ideal for those who prefer an intuitive, hands-on approach without the fuss of small screens. Many electric radiators also come equipped with built-in energy monitors offering valuable insights into your energy consumption habits.
  • Futureproof – Electric radiators are suitable for present and future use as renewable energy becomes more prominent.
  • Safety – Using electricity to draw power instead of gas/burning fuel eliminates the risk of a carbon monoxide leak.
  • Maintenance – Bar the occasional dusting, electric radiators are largely maintenance-free, so no more service fees.  

Overall, electric radiators are an excellent option for heating a home. They are affordable, safe, comfortable, and energy efficient. Electric radiators are certainly worth your consideration if you are searching for a dependable and effective heating option. 

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