MOA TH3 Element

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  • Product Range
  • This element has a 5 step temperature regulation up to 65 degrees and a minimum of 30 degrees

    2 hour override function

  • Price Range inc VAT
  • £114.00 to £130.80
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  • Chrome
  • Silver
  • White


3-5 working days


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MOA TH3 Element

All stock valves & accessories have prices listed in purple and will be delivered in 3-5 working days.

Model Colour Price Inc VAT Add To Wishlist
AAMTELE200 White £114.00 add
AAMTELE200 Silver £117.60 add
AAMTELE200 Chrome £130.80 add
AAMTELE300 White £114.00 add
AAMTELE300 Silver £117.60 add
AAMTELE300 Chrome £130.80 add
AAMTELE400 White £114.00 add
AAMTELE400 Silver £117.60 add
AAMTELE400 Chrome £130.80 add
AAMTELE600 White £114.00 add
AAMTELE600 Silver £117.60 add
AAMTELE600 Chrome £130.80 add
AAMTELE800 White £114.00 add
AAMTELE800 Silver £117.60 add
AAMTELE800 Chrome £130.80 add
AAMTELE1000 White £114.00 add
AAMTELE1000 Silver £117.60 add
AAMTELE1000 Chrome £130.80 add

MOA TH3 Element

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