Calculate your room's BTU requirement

Choose and enter in the appropriate values in the form. Then click "CALCULATE REQUIREMENTS" to get your room's BTU requirements. Then, if you wish, you may give the calculation a name and store it in your "Wish List".

Please note, this is a guide only. A radiator with insufficient output may never raise the temperature to that required. Outdoor temperatures, external walls, insulation, heated adjacent rooms (i.e. above, below and to the side) all play a part.

The boiler should be suffient to supply all connected radiators to the sum of their maxiumum demand.

Larger rooms such as Living Rooms may require more than one radiator positioned evenly throughout the room. If this is the case, divide the required output between the number of radiators needed.

Step 1 - Enter room information
Step 2 - Enter room dimensions
Step 3 - Heat output results